15 Yr-Old Girl Who Was Kidnapped By 50 Yr-Old Teacher Takes Odd Turn After Girl’s Admission

15 Yr-Old Girl Who Was Kidnapped By 50 Yr-Old Teacher Takes Odd Turn After Girl’s Admission

It’s horrifying enough for a parent to realize their child has been kidnapped. For Anthony Thomas, his 15 year-old daughter’s kidnapping by her 50 year-old teacher was hard enough to bear. But her story would only get even worse.

Elizabeth Thomas was kidnapped by Tad Cummins. The two disappeared from Columbia, Tennessee and a nationwide manhunt began. They were ultimately found over a month later in a California cabin and Elizabeth was luckily unharmed. But rather than being grateful for her rescue, Elizabeth insists that she’s in love with Cummins.

“Elizabeth says she’s in love with [Tad Cummins] and that the pair of them haven’t done anything wrong,” a source said. “She thinks she is a fully grown woman who can date who she likes. … As far as she’s concerned it was all one big, fun road trip. She says she had the time of her life which is obviously pretty tough for the family to hear.” For now, she is in rehab center that specializes in helping trauma victims and is refusing to return home to her parents. But the reason why is somewhat understandable.

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Kimberly Thomas, Elizabeth’s mother, is facing criminal charges of her own. She is accused of abusing Elizabeth and her nine siblings and the abuse includes beating Elizabeth, throwing her down stairs and locking her in a basement. Elizabeth’s father, Anthony, says that this abuse is why Elizabeth was so easily swayed by a predator.

But Elizabeth doesn’t trust her father, either; she says that he is trying to come between her and Cummins. “It’s a very complex family situation right now,” the source said. “All they can do is stand by her and give her as much help as she needs to come to terms with what really happened. At the end of the day we are dealing with a very messed-up kid here. Cummins really did a number on her. She was not harmed physically but the mental scars will take years to heal.”

For his part, Cummins faces multiple charges in both Tennessee and California, including transporting a minor across state lines with the intent of having criminal sexual intercourse.

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