Louisiana Victims Dish ULTIMATE SMACKDOWN To Obama… Gone Viral!

Louisiana Victims Dish ULTIMATE SMACKDOWN To Obama… Gone Viral!

The good people of Louisiana have been through hell and back recently. One resident put down how he felt about Obama not showing up to help them and instead sending a written note to admonish them against racism. Not only did Obama and Hillary not show when needed in flood-ravaged Louisiana… they aren’t welcome there period. Donald Trump scored major points with the residents of that state when he came to be with them during the ordeal and brought an 18-wheeler full of food, water, clothes, toys and provisions. He also brought his check book and wrote one for $100,000.

People watch what you do many times instead of listening to blather. The catastrophic flooding in Louisiana and those who were heroes there speaks volumes. So does golfing and partying with celebrities. Obama richly deserves to be smacked down over his actions concerning Louisiana and so many other things. As does Hillary.

Barack Obama

From Allen West:

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Dear Mr President,

I want to thank you for reminding us in South Louisiana not to discriminate against anyone based on race or religion. Had you not reminded us of this I don’t know what we would have done. See we rode around in a boat saving people and well race or religion never entered my mind. Not once. It didn’t enter my buddies mind or my wife’s. Just saving people.

I understand you may be miss informed because of all the race baiting that the media did a couple months ago here is South Louisiana. But I assure you that’s not what we stand for in South Louisiana. We love each other when the times get hard. We look out for our own. Now I know this doesn’t fit your agenda. But facts are facts.

O and by the way stay up in DC play a little golf and enjoy your last couple months in office. Make sure you clean out your desk. Clean out the house you’ve occupied for 8 years cause your time is up. Let ya buddy Ms Clinton know we don’t need her either. She needs her rest. Lord knows she needs rest more then the residents of South Louisiana do. She may could put some of that Clinton foundation blood money to good use down here helping others. But why would she do that. She already knows Louisiana doesn’t belong to her come November. If this was a state she needed she would have been on the boat with me. But that’s OK we got this we are strong here in Louisiana. Something you will never understand.

The true citizens of Louisiana

Regardless of the presidential move that Trump made in Louisiana, after reviewing the electoral map this morning, I don’t see any way he will win and I certainly don’t support him. One good deed does not make up for all the other vile ones.

I take no pleasure in watching Hillary walk into the White House. She is a monster and a nightmare. This never needed to happen. We had a constitutional conservative and they spit on him. Now we are here… on the verge of losing the Senate and the Presidency. God help America.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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