University Student Beheaded Corpse, Uses It For SICK Reason

University Student Beheaded Corpse, Uses It For SICK Reason

What a monstrous joke Afghanistan has become. With all the blood spilled and American lives lost… Obama screwed it up to high heaven. All in the name of embracing Islam and violent Jihadists. Looks like the Taliban is beginning to mimic ISIS. In a move to deter people from going to college, they pulled over one student and beheaded him. Then they used his body as a Body-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (BBIED).

They didn’t get a chance to blow up the abomination. It was defused by Afghan forces. You can bet there will be a whole lot more of this, especially since we have mostly withdrawn from the region. The Taliban are Obama’s peace partner. He strong-armed Afghanistan into letting them have partial control. He also made them a non-member ally of NATO to streamline arms and funds to the country.

From Pamela Geller:

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“Taliban behead university student, used his corpse as BBIED in Faryab,” By Khaama Press, Aug 24 2016 (thanks to TROP):

The Taliban insurgents have beheaded a young university student in northern Faryab province of Afghanistan and used his corpse a Body-borne Improvised Explosive Device (BBIED).

According to the local officials in Faryab, the corpse of the university student was left on a roadside after placing a remote controlled Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in his body.

Provincial governor’s spokesman Javid Bidar said the university student was taken out of the vehicle on a highway in Faizabad district and was decapitated by the Taliban insurgents.

He said the Afghan forces discovered and defused the IED planted in his stomach before the Taliban insurgents manage to detonate it and target the Afghan forces.

Bidar further added that the move by the Taliban militants is apparently aimed at discouraging the university students from pursuing their higher education.

According to Bidar, an operation is underway to find and arrest the perpetators of the horrific incident.

The Taliban militants group has not commented regarding the report so far.

Faryab is among the volatile provinces in northern Afghanistan where the Taliban insurgents and militants belonging to the other insurgent groups including the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan are actively operating in a number of its districts.

Obama surely knew that an Afghan colonel was paid $250,000 to kill US Air Force personnel. The DoD covered it up and cleaned up the mess. He supported the Taliban despite the slaughter, the insider attacks, the destruction of schools, the attacks on girls, etc. He has instilled Islamic Jihadists in power there… not by accident, but through leveraging and force.

Karzai has said that the Obama Administration actually told him that the Taliban, which provided al Qaeda its base of support for September 11th, was not an enemy of the US. And for all of that, when Obama wanted to hold peace talks with them, they were a no show and thought him a fool. Which he is.

I doubt they will find the perpetrators that did this to this young man. Afghanistan is almost a lost cause now. The Taiban could take the capital of Helmand Province, Afghan officials now warn. Behold the work of Barack Obama.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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