Sicko Claiming to Be Woman Imposes Himself on Solo Beautician

The purpose of the transgender “rights” blitzkrieg is to allow authoritarian social engineers to apply government force to what should be mutually voluntary, private relationships. For perverts, it also has other benefits, as we see in the case of a sicko who has evidently been stalking a beautician in Prince Edward Island, Canada:

A transgender woman in Charlottetown has filed a complaint with the P.E.I. Human Rights Commission alleging she was refused service at a local salon because of her transgender status.

Kristen McKay says she went into Carrie’s Esthetic Salon in downtown Charlottetown on Tuesday afternoon to get her nails and makeup done and for makeup lessons.

Despite the mendacious use of feminine pronouns, “Kristen” McKay is a man. But he is a woman in the eyes of the media and the government, because he says he is a woman.

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McKay said a woman at the salon informed her that she didn’t do services for men, and when McKay replied that she’s not a man but a transgender woman, McKay was still refused service.

“I felt like I was a piece of garbage. I was worthless,” said McKay.

McKay has felt that way before. No one with even a shred of self-respect would behave like this.

In a written statement, salon owner Carrie MacFadyen said she would serve a transgender customer if she felt safe and secure in a room alone with them.

She is the only employee of her small business.

[The statement] goes on to say that McKay is often standing or sitting on the street where MacFadyen parks her car and that — along with the fact that McKay then showed up at her work — made her uneasy.

But as with gun restrictions, women’s safety is inconsequential. The Agenda takes precedence over all else.

McKay said MacFadyen tried to give her an address for another salon to get her nails done, but McKay refused. She left, filed a complaint with P.E.I. Human Rights Commission and went to the media with her story.

Canada’s Orwellian Human Rights Commissions exist to deny Canadians fundamental human rights such as freedom of speech and freedom of association. Their objectives entail pushing cultural Marxism to the last extreme of malice. The radicals who run them are not likely to rule in favor of a normie like Carrie MacFadyen, despite her desperate plea that she supports the transsexual “cause.”

“Kristen” McKay. How many women would feel safe in a room alone with this guy?

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