Politically Correct Science

Having finished the task of subverting the liberal arts on behalf of cultural Marxism, progressives are now attacking the sciences. NPR’s Robert Siegel introduces an alarming interview:

Many colleges and universities have diversity requirements. Students have to take at least one class that directly engages with topics like race, ethnicity, gender. Well, one school, Hamilton College, a liberal arts college in New York state, is looking to go one step further. Joining us by Skype to tell us more is Karen Brewer, a chemistry professor at Hamilton College. She is chairing a subcommittee that will review potential courses before the school’s new diversity requirement takes effect next year.

From the interview:

SIEGEL: But if a student is majoring, say, in computer science or physics, is it germane to their major to take a course about race or ethnicity? Aren’t – isn’t the stuff they’re studying essentially race neutral?

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BREWER: Well, science depends upon a diversity of perspectives in order to kind of decide what questions to ask and what approaches to use to answer those very complex questions.

SIEGEL: Is it really important that your chemistry degree come along with some understanding of race and gender in chemistry?

BREWER: It’s germane to what I said before, that science is dependent upon having a variety of perspectives.

E = mc2 — unless you are black, Muslim, lesbian, transgender, et cetera. Then some different equation applies, according to your “perspective.”

But only for cis-gender heteronormative Christian white males.

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