YES! Liberals FLIP OUT And ‘Man Of The Year’ Goes To…

YES! Liberals FLIP OUT And ‘Man Of The Year’ Goes To…

This is so richly deserved. The New York City police officers’ union has just named Sheriff David Clarke as their Man of the Year. Considering the bravery and character of Clarke, they couldn’t have chosen a better man for the award. He has vociferously spoken out against Black Lives Matter and has stood up for police officers while they are being hunted by cop-haters. I think this is wonderful.

However, New York’s liberal Daily News is flipping out over it. They call him a Black Lives Matter basher. I’m sure he wears that mantle with pride. They accuse him of being a staunch Donald Trump supporter. He may be and I don’t hold that against him… he’s for the rule of law and picking what he sees as the lesser of two evils. Clarke is someone I could see as president some day. He’s a strong conservative and I’m thrilled that he got this recognition. The Daily News can get stuffed.


From BizPac Review:

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New York City police officers’ union has named Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke their Man of the Year, but not everyone is happy about it.

The New York Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, the largest union representing New York’s officers, awarded the annual honor to the conservative Clarke, an outspoken critic of the Black Lives Matter movement, The Washington Times reported.

Past recipients of the annual award have been elected leaders or lawmen connected with New York, like 2015’s honoree, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. But Clarke’s straightforward and unshakable support for law enforcement during recent times when police are often under fire, made him a prime candidate for the award.

“Sheriff Clarke is a passionate and vocal defender of police officers, at a time when our job is more difficult and dangerous than ever before,” association President Patrick Lynch said. “That is exactly what the PBA does for New York City police officers, so it has been encouraging to hear Sheriff Clarke make the same case on a national stage. We should be hearing that type of support from elected leaders in both parties and at all levels of government.”

They wigged out, screaming: He’s slammed gun control supporters as “freedom-loathing gun-haters.” Well, if the shoe fits idiots. He’s right. One of my favorite ones: He’s labeled Attorney General Eric Holder an “a—–e.” Again, I fail to see where Clarke is wrong here. Just sayin’. And maybe best of all: He’s ripped the Black Lives Matter movement as “Black lies Matter.” That is the perfect description of BLM and highly accurate. Major fail on their argument.

The newspaper went on to present comments from critics of this year’s award recipient, calling him “one of the nation’s most divisive law enforcement figures.” No, he’s not… he’s one of the nation’s leading law enforcement figures. Clarke was elected in 2002 after serving with the Milwaukee Police Department for 24 years. He’s more than earned that award and I doubt very much that he gives a crap about some liberal rag whining over it.


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