Man With Giant Carbon Footprint Takes Fossil Fueled Trip To Complain About ‘Climate Change’

So, Barack Obama was in North Carolina Tuesday with unindicted criminal Hillary Clinton. To get to the rally in Charlotte, he jumped on a helicopter for a flight to the airport. Then took a jumbo jet, which was trailed by a backup jumbo jet. And certainly a few fighter jets for protection. Then a trip in a fossil fueled vehicle, along with a large contingent of fossil fueled vehicles. Then, reverse for the trip back to the White House. Hillary Clinton accompanied him. And we got, among others

(Grist) Unlike at a Trump rally, where concern for climate change is considered a character flaw, the issue was front and center at Tuesday’s event. Obama in particular praised Clinton’s work setting the groundwork for the Paris Climate Accord when she was secretary of State, while noting that her opponent wants topull the U.S. out from the hard-won agreement:

With Secretary Clinton’s help, America ultimately led nearly 200 other nations to an agreement to save this planet for future generations.

Now, maybe — maybe you don’t care about this. Maybe you think 99 percent of scientists are wrong … But the point is, we’re not done with this, so where we go from here is up to you.

You can vote with the climate deniers who want to tear up the agreements we’ve crafted and doom our kids to a more dangerous world, or you can vote to keep putting people back to work building a cleaner energy future for all of us.

Grist thinks this will resonate with North Carolina voters, based on some 2014 Sierra Club poll, this issue rarely ever shows up in the news media, be it newspapers or TV. In one poll, education takes the top spot, and, I suppose one could charitably consider ‘climate change’ to be part of environment/energy in the 6th spot. Climate change is just not something most care about, and for those that do, we tend to ask them why they left the Democratic Party state they used to live in that Democrats ruined with their ‘climate change’, big government, big taxation, job killing policies, to come down here and preach the same things that they escaped. If they like those policies, well, I-95 runs north and south, as does I-85, and I-40 goes west. Have fun, Warmists! Oh, and don’t leave in a fossil fueled vehicle. That would be hypocritical.

As far as the Paris agreement goes, what, exactly, did Hillary do? She was out of office well before it was negotiated. During her time as Secretary of State, every attempt failed miserably. Though, in fairness, that’s more on Obama. And, if the agreement was so great, why did Obama demand that it be crafted in a manner so he could avoid having Congress vote on it?

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