Post-Hillary Email Decision, Trump Takes On….Frozen

The Hillary email scandal decision was laid out perfectly by FBI Director James Comey for Donald Trump to use to beat Hillary. While Comey said he would not recommend charges, he spent three-fourths of his televised comment saying exactly how she did wrong and broke the law. Trump could have pounded Hillary using those comments, and continued to beat on how the system is rigged. At the NY Times, one letter writer noted

Forget the election. Forget conservatives versus liberals. Forget the theater that is Trump versus Clinton. What saddens and disgusts me about the decision not to take some formal disciplinary action against Hillary Clinton for her blatant disregard for the rules that are meant to protect our country and its citizens is the duplicity of it all.

What this says is that there is one set of laws for people in power, like the Clintons, and another set for us “rank and file” citizens. Many federal employees have been disciplined and prosecuted for less negligence with classified material than Mrs. Clinton exhibited.

Our country should mourn this decision, not based on our political stripes, but because it signals a very public decree that we are no longer equal in the eyes of the law.

People have been charged with much less. And there does seem to be a double standard on how some people are treated in the legal system. So, Trump could have expounded on this. But, after a brief statement and video, here’s where Trump is going

Yup. Frozen

(Yahoo) Trump was seemingly arguing that the Disney star showed that his latest Twitter controversy was overblown and that the image was, as he said in a speech Wednesday, “just a star.” On Saturday, Trump tweeted an image of Hillary Clinton, a pile of money and the six-pointed star, which is a symbol of Judaism. The text inside the star read: “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!”

The tweet was criticized by both Democrats and Republicans for its anti-Semitic overtones. Trump deleted the tweet within hours and replaced the star with a red circle.

Though the image reportedly originated with an anti-Semitic Twitter account and was featured on a white nationalist site, Trump later said the star he used was a “Sheriff’s Star” or a “plain star” — and not the Star of David.

He’s also yammering about this in speeches. And, he yammered about Saddam Hussein being good at killing terrorists. If, by terrorists, Trump means Saddam enemies, like the Kurds, because Saddam sponsored terrorists to go blow themselves up in Israel, allowed terrorist training camps inside the border, and even had hardcore Al Qaeda member Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as a guest.

The Lonely Conservative is constantly wondering if Trump really wants to win. Blowing off tailor made issues for stupid things sure doesn’t help.

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