New Benghazi Emails Show White House Collusion To Blame Video

I’m not sure that this is quite the bombshell some are positioning it to be: let’s not forget that the US embassy in Egypt was apologizing for the video just hours before it was attacked and burned on September 11, 2012. However, it is quite damning

(Fox News) Newly released emails on the Benghazi terror attack suggest a senior White House aide played a central role in preparing former U.N. ambassador Susan Rice for her controversial Sunday show appearances — where she wrongly blamed protests over an Internet video.

More than 100 pages of documents were released to the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Among them was a Sept. 14, 2012, email from Ben Rhodes, an assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for strategic communications.

The Rhodes email, with the subject line: “RE: PREP Call with Susan: Saturday at 4:00 pm ET,” was sent to a dozen members of the administration’s inner circle, including key members of the White House communications team such as Press Secretary Jay Carney.

In the email, Rhodes specifically draws attention to the anti-Islam Internet video, without distinguishing whether the Benghazi attack was different from protests elsewhere.

The email lists the following two goals, among others:

“To underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.”

“To reinforce the President and Administration’s strength and steadiness in dealing with difficult challenges.”

The video was simply an excuse for violent protests from hardcore Islamists. I’ve noted several times the large number of al Qaeda and Taliban styled posters, flags, and headbands present at the “protests”, which even occurred in Sydney, Australia, London, and Belgium. In Libya, though, they were concerned with the fallout of Obama’s policies, which left the country a mess, with hardcore Islamists moving in and taking over the northeastern part of the country, to the point that most media outlets avoided the area and the Brits had pulled out.

(The Blaze) Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer on Tuesday said the American people have the “smoking document” that proves the Obama administration took part in a cover up in the aftermath of the deadly Benghazi terrorist attacks.

“It is in conflict with what we’ve been told, with what Jay Carney has been saying,” Krauthammer said of the revelations. “And that is, their story has always been this stuff call came from the CIA, from intelligence so it was completely clean.”

Krauthammer noted that former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell testified that he had never brought up the video as a possible motivator for the Benghazi attacks.

“We now have the smoking document, which is the White House saying: ‘We’re pushing the video because we don’t want to blame it on the failure of our policies,’” he added. “This undermines the whole narrative, therefore they have to invent the video. So I think this is extremely important.”

Let’s also no forget that making the narrative about a stupid video that almost no one had seen, rather than hardcore Islamist terrorism, allowed Obama to hit the campaign trail immediately after September 11.

And we still don’t know what Obama was doing during the hours the attacks in Benghazi were occurring.

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