Good Grief: “Climate Change To Make Fargo As Hot As Phoenix”

Warmists just need their fix of saying incredibly insane things, much like crack addicts need a hit on a constant basis. Here’s Nation Editor-at-Large Chris Hayes (no one watches his MSNBC show) yammering on during a radio interview

Climate Change Will Make Fargo as Hot as Phoenix

“Are you the unluckiest reporter in America today?” WNYC’s Brian Lehrer asked Nation Editor-at-Large Chris Hayes on Monday morning. Hayes laughed. The day before, the third episode of Years of Living Dangerously had aired on Showtime, in which Republican Congressman Michael Grimm admitted, in an interview with Hayes, the existence of man-made climate change. The following morning, Hayes woke up to news that Grimm had been taken into federal custody for alleged fraudulent business practices. “Well, we got a Republican convert on climate change,” Hayes joked, “too bad he got indicted the next day.” Fraud or not, Grimm’s change of heart is a positive step for Republicans, who continue to diminish the severity of the climate crisis. “If we continue doing what we’re all collectively doing on this planet,” Hayes told Lehrer, “we will get to a point where Fargo is like Phoenix.” Which is to say, climate change doesn’t care whether conservatives believe it exists, it’s going to destroy the planet if we don’t act.


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The top is Fargo, the bottom is Phoenix. Those are the average temperatures, via Fargo would have to jump up pretty far to be like Phoenix, temperature wise. “Climate change” is not going to destroy the planet. It didn’t during the much warmer Medieval Warm Period, nor during all the time when it was much, much hotter.

Of course, Hayes is also the kind of climakook who compares fossil fuels usage to slavery.

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