Obama Blows Off Time Limits, Holds Forth Like Fidel Castro at Farcical Climate Summit

Obama was in his element at the Paris climate summit, surrounded by other posturing useless persons, enveloped in a cocoon of leftist fantasy, safe from the troubles of the outside world. Off he soared into a realm of pure sanctimonious moonbattery, as if nothing existed except himself and the sweet smell of his own B.S. There was no shutting him up:

Event organizers hit the buzzer as Obama’s address neared the nine-minute mark, blowing past the U.N.’s requested time limit of three minutes.

Organizers buzzed Obama every 30 seconds for over two minutes for a total of five buzzes, a Free Beacon analysis shows. The buzzer operator evidently gave up for the last three minutes of Obama’s 14-minute address, which exceeded the requested time limit by 11 minutes.

Rules don’t apply to the Moonbat Messiah.

The length and stirring rhetoric of Obama’s address are an indication of the importance the president places on climate change relative other concerns. The president’s vigorous performance on Monday can be contrasted with the listless performance he gave two weeks ago when talking about the threat of terrorist groups like the Islamic State.

Reality just isn’t that interesting when in real life you are only an inept mediocrity elevated far above your aptitude by the contemptuous pity of political correctness.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, Antarctic sea ice has hit a 35-year high. Obama’s fellow moonbats have come up with at least 52 excuses for why it isn’t getting any warmer like their models promised it would. Their theory is bunk.

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