PETA Steals and Kills Family Dog

PETA people may be obnoxious kooks, but at least they must be nice people, because they care about the animals — except when they are stealing and killing them:

A family is suing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for $9 million after two senior employees stole their pet Chihuahua Maya off their porch and had the dog killed.

The family captured video on their home surveillance system of two PETA employees, Victoria Carey and Jennifer Woods chasing Maya down, taking her off the family’s porch and shoving the dog into a white van. PETA admitted four months later it euthanized Maya later that day.

This was not only not very nice, but illegal:

State law requires that animals be held for five days before they are euthanized to allow people to recover their animals in situations like this. An investigation by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services founded PETA violated the law and imposed the largest fine it could, $500.

But it’s okay…

The family says the two PETA workers apologized by giving the family a fruit basket.

Good thing PETA moonbats don’t give out a fruit basket every time they kill an animal. It would cost so much, they would have to push their obnoxious attention-grabbing spectacles even further over the top in order to increase donations from clueless do-gooders.

PETA euthanized 2,454 of the 3,369 cats, dogs and other animals it took in in 2014.

Whatever you do, do not let these animal killers near your pet.


On a tip from Torcer. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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