Hillary Clinton is trying to cover up this BIG detail that could sink her campaign

Hillary Clinton is trying to cover up this BIG detail that could sink her campaign

We all need more Hillary in our lives, for sure. This lady gets dumber and dumber the more that I know about her:

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Hillary Clinton needed help finding the Showtime network on her cable box – so she could watch ‘Homeland’ – according to an email the State Department released Monday.

Her chief communications guru asked National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell for help spinning the press on the dangers of her December 2012 concussion, according to another message.

The State Department completely censored a third, which appeared to consist of a bullet-pointed list of four Clinton ‘accomplishments’ as secretary of state, determining it wasn’t fit for disclosure under the Freedom Of Information Act’s guidelines.

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Monday’s batch of released emails consumed more than 7,800 pages, mostly from 2012 and 2013. In all, 328 of the emails were deemed ‘classified,’ including 1 marked ‘secret.’

That brings to 999 the total number of now-classified emails that once resided on Hillary’s unsecured home-brew server at her upstate New York home.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus mocked her on Monday, saying that number suggests she ‘jeopardized our national security and has tried to mislead the American people.’

‘Hillary Clinton’s compromise of so much sensitive information for the sake of skirting government transparency laws is an irreparable breach of the public trust and shows why she cannot be trusted in the White House,’ Priebus said in a statement.

But the State Department crowed about making several telephone books’ worth of new documents available online.

‘This is our largest production to date,’ agency spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said during a press briefing a few hours before the email messages began their steady upload onto the State Department’s website.

Buried among diplomatic minutiae and hundreds of emails showing Hillary asking her staff to ‘pls print’ news articles, one Sunday afternoon exchange paints her as a senior citizen befuddled by her cable TV box.

‘Do you know what channel on the TV in DC is the program listing?’ she asked her close communications aide Philippe Reines in an email headed ‘stupid question.’

‘And, specifically, what channel number is Showtime?’

Six minutes later, she primed the pump: ‘Because I want to watch “Homeland”.’

The date was October 7, 2012, when Showtime aired its second episode after the September 11 terror attacks in Benghazi, Libya that claimed the lives of an American ambassador and three other U.S. personnel.

The episode concerned terror threats in Beirut, Lebanon, a city that the producers depicted as a haven for Islamist bombers.

In the action, a CIA-sanctioned raid to capture a terrorist plays out on TV sets in a situation room – a scenario Clinton had watched 17 months earlier when U.S. Navy SEALs killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

But Clinton needed help finding the broadcast facsimile on her television set.

‘If you have Comcast, it’s channel 339 or 340 (one is HD and one isn’t),’ Reines wrote her an hour later. ‘If you don’t have Comcast, I can look it up.’

That wasn’t good enough for Hillary.

‘You won’t be surprised to hear I’m not sure,’ the confused cabinet secretary said, months before a spill would result in a concussion.

secret achievments

A later exchange about the injury came on Christmas Eve that year, as she prepared to hand over the reins to John Kerry.
‘Having a cracked head is no fun at all,’ Hillary emailed Reines.
‘Speaking of your cracked head,’ he replied, ‘I reached out to both the Nfl commish (I remembered that his dad held your Senate seat) and Bill Frist. Frist responded wonderfully and is ready to help.’
Frist, a former Tennessee senator who served as U.S. Senate Majority Leader until 2007, is a Clinton-friendly Republican and a medical doctor.

The NFL, under commissioned Roger Goodell, has endured years of public-relations setbacks as former players have died early or revealed traumatic brain injuries that they have said were a result of playing American football.

After Clinton assured Reines that she was ‘ok in the doctor department for now,’ he made his intentions clear.
‘Sorry, didn’t mean medically. Wouldn’t ever do that,’ Reines wrote. ‘I meant I enlisted their help in my ongoing efforts to undermine the John Boltons and Laura Ingraham’s of the world who are belittling your health.’

Clinton responded five minutes later: ‘That makes a lot of sense. As always, thanks for defending me, my friend.’

Bolton, Ingraham and other commentators leapt to criticize Clinton as her concussion forced what conservatives saw as a too-convenient postponement of her first congressional testimony about the Benghazi attacks three months earlier.
Ingraham in particular suggested she was faking her injury in order to avoid an intense grilling on Capitol Hill.
A month later, as Clinton transitioned out of her role as America’s top diplomat, her senior staff put together a list of four ‘achievements’ to keep in mind.
Reines sent a draft to then-chief of staff Cheryl Mills and her deputy, Jake Sullivan. Mills forwarded it to Clinton, likely for her approval.
Although the email’s contents are unclassified, the State Department’s reviewers chose to redact, or censor, the ‘achievements’ list in its entirety.

Askign liberals to articulate Clinton’s achievements as secretary of state is a popular Washington, D.C. parlor game among Republicans, who see her as long on identity polics and short on accomplishments.

‘If you want to stump a Democrat, ask them to name an accomplishment of Hillary Clinton,’ Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina jabbed during a September GOP primary debate.

So, Clinton can’t use a TV remote but as president would have access to the nuclear football. What could possibly go wrong? Seems like everything is coming up good for Hillary here, amiright?

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