Mob of Muslim ‘Refugees’ Savagely Beat Locals in Restaurant

Mob of Muslim ‘Refugees’ Savagely Beat Locals in Restaurant

A brawl broke out in a local restaurant in Germany, when some Muslim refugees disagreed with a few local diners…


The brawl, which began as an argument between a small group of migrants and local residents eating at a restaurant in the town of Velden, started in the early hours of Sunday morning, according to Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The situation appeared to calm down when the migrants left, but they soon returned with reinforcements.

Around 15 people from the local asylum centre had joined them, with witnesses reporting fist fights and glass bottles being thrown. One witness said the square in front of the restaurant resembled a battlefield, covered in blood.

Six people were injured in the fight, with one 50-year-old German man needing hospital treatment for serious head injuries.

Police arrested a 25-year-old Syrian migrant, but later released him. The investigation continues.

Meanwhile in the town of Hattersheim, around 30 residents of the local asylum centre were involved in a fight the left four people injured. says police arrested two migrants aged 17 and 23, while four residents were moved to alternative accommodation for their own safety.

The violence follows a weekend of clashes in asylum centres across the country. In one asylum centre in the former airport of Tempelhof in Berlin, police had to intervene after a fight started as migrants queued for food.

That came at the same time as another fight in the Berlin suburb of Spandau, where migrants attacked one another with fire extinguishers. Windows were smashed and sofas thrown, leaving several migrants wounded. Some 500 people had be to be evacuated from the migrant centre in “fear and panic”.

Germany’s police union has previously called for migrants to be separated by country of origin to minimise the risk of inter-ethnic tension.

Tensions are going to be high…the locals feel invaded, and violated…and the “refugee” don’t care to acknowledge why their presence is disturbing.

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