Obama Bludgeons National Security Workforce With Affirmative Action, P.C. Brainwashing

Obama Bludgeons National Security Workforce With Affirmative Action, P.C. Brainwashing

You can sleep easy. You and your family are safe. Obama is seeing to it by increasing the focus on diversity in national security:

The president issued a memorandum on Wednesday entitled “Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the National Security Workforce.” The memo requires all 17 intelligence agencies, including the Pentagon, State Department, and Department of Homeland Security, to report back in four months on their progress in collecting information about diversity in their workforces, such as employees’ sexual orientation and gender identity.

Obama listed “diversity” as “our greatest asset” in keeping America safe.

There’s no need to explain how hiring and promoting based on sexual perversion contributes to national security, because anyone who would ask must be a homophobe and a transphobe, and therefore not a credible person.

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Presumably imposing diversity also involves preferentially placing Muslims in national security positions. What could go wrong?

This isn’t just about Affirmative Action applied at the expense of sane qualifications. It is also about brainwashing:

The memo outlines several requirements for the security agencies, including an order to expand “unconscious bias” and “inclusion” training. Unconscious bias training rests on the theory that “everyone is a little bit racist or sexist.”

We are all thought criminals who must repent of our incorrectness. This is the liberal version of original sin.

Obama is now making unconscious bias training mandatory for senior leadership positions at the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Defense Department, as well as for officials in charge of approving security clearances.

He is also pushing it hard on personnel departments, to make sure the right kind of people are hired and promoted.

Intelligence agencies are also required to “reward and recognize efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.”

At least this should be easier work that keeping tabs on terrorists and Putin’s sinister machinations. Making national security work easier is important, considering that standards will inevitably decline as ever less emphasis is placed on the ability to do the job.

Incidentally, corruption of the intelligence community by political correctness has already gotten innocent Americans killed. For example,

The FBI interviewed Omar Mateen, the terrorist who murdered 49 people at an Orlando nightclub, two times after he made pro-terrorist comments to coworkers, but dropped both investigations. Mateen told the FBI he was the victim of religious discrimination from coworkers because he was Muslim.

But as leftists love to say, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

Wants more gays, blacks, and Muslims in national security.

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