SOROS: Mass Migration Is GREAT – But Make Sure To Spend BILLIONS On Them Each Year

SOROS: Mass Migration Is GREAT – But Make Sure To Spend BILLIONS On Them Each Year

This guy again? At this point in time, I cannot tell whether or not he is even human. The way he thinks is just so inhuman that it’s throwing me for a loop. He acts more like the scum of the earth, who has just merely found a way to take human form to terrorize us with his wickedness.


He has said that Europe needs to continue to welcome massive numbers of refugees. He also explains why…because, it will substantially benefit the economy.

My first thought? What in the hell is this crazy dude smoking!?

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Soros has laid out what he calls the “seven pillars.” These are what he believes should be enacted for Germany and Europe to benefit from the financial gains they can utilize from the mass migration of people coming in from a third world country.

When Britain voted to leave, Soros took no hesitation in calling it a tragedy. He issued a warning stating the prospect of “xenophobic, nationalist movements” winning elections will constitute a huge threat.

He is pushing for the EU to secure their external borders as a measure to prevent populists gaining power. He reasoned that the chaotic scenes at the height of the migrant crisis is what “alienated” and “frightened” Europeans. So, the man thinks securing the borders while still bringing in migrants will calm the people down…and keep populists from rising up.

Classic smokescreen… give a little, here and there to trick ‘simple’ minds into thinking ‘all is well’ when in fact, it is only getting worse.

That’s the oldest trick in the book, and the author of that book is Satan.

The open borders ideologue remains committed to pushing mass migration into European countries, however, arguing that the EU must take a “considerable number” of migrants directly from states’ bordering crisis zones “in a safe and orderly manner”.

Soros claims one of the most important tasks Europe must commit to undertaking is the creation of a “welcoming environment” for economic migrants as well as asylum seekers. He contends: “Given the aging population in Europe, the benefits [of migration] significantly outweigh the associated problems and the cost of integrating migrants.”

Despite Soros maintaining that refugees are a ‘BOON’ to European economies, Soros also follows up with conflicting advice.


To facilitate all migrants. Even if that means borrowing large amounts of money in order to be able to do so.

I’m sorry, how does this help the economy again?

The facts suggest the very opposite of what Soros is telling the UK to do. The mass migration has actually caused a serious drain on EU states’ resources. The unemployment rate alone has already doubled.

Do you see any sense in his ideas? Furthermore, do you see any hidden agenda that might be lurking in that brain of his?


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