Obama Flings The First Pitch

Yes, his pitch was awful:

The ESPN announcer says, just now as I watch it, “He should have played catch more as a youngster.”

I wonder if he realizes how close to the mark he is, actually. President Obama grew up fatherless. In addition, he lived some of his formative Little League years in a Muslim country not known for baseball. So, it stands to reason that he was never taught how to pitch.

This really isn’t a huge deal in the scheme of life, but it does demonstrate how our youthful experiences shape our adulthood life both physically and philosophically.

Watching my kids play baseball, it’s difficult to fathom them being “un-American”. What does that mean? Well. In baseball, there is winning and losing. There are bad calls and tough breaks. Baseball is a game of strategy and patience and skill.

There is also a moment when every player is on the spot to hit. And there is a time when a player must come through during a stressful moment.

Players commit errors, forced and unforced, and must live with the consequences.

Baseball is like life–well, American life, anyway.

So when people see President Obama throw like a girl, it’s kind of embarrassing, but it’s also revealing, which might be why the White House released an 8-page press release about presidential pitches.

It’s more than just a pitch.


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