Illinois Rep. Halvorson: Tea Partiers are ‘Fringe’

Attention citizens of Illinois 11th Congressional District. If you have attended a Tea Party event or are inclined to support them YOU are a “fringe” element according to your Representative, Debbie Halvorson.

Halvosron’s office told CBS News Channel 2 in Chicago, “The voters in the 11th District are not easily influenced by the rhetoric of fringe organizations like the tea party.”

On the other hand, Halvorson’s opponent is very appreciative of the support he’s gotten from tea party groups. Adam Kinzinger ( has been very much in touch with the tea party movement having attended some events and worked with them to get the word out there about his campaign.

But the solid fact remains, Illinois, that your representative in Congress dismisses you as a fringe element. I’d say that this flies in the face of the facts on the ground when we have protests that country over that regularly turns out thousands of attendees.

Just as in its day the anti-war groups represented a sizable number of Americans and just as they had their effect on the debate about the war on terror, the tea party groups represent an even larger swath of everyday Americans who are similarly having their own effect on the public debate.

But here is the very eft-wing Halvosron pooh-poohing a sizable number of her own constituents saying that they are “fringe” and not worth worrying about.

vLike many Democrats she may well ind just how mistaken she actually is in November. But even now it is looking like she should be paying attention as the latest poll shows Mr. Kinzinger is leading with a large majority.

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