Obama Is Most Polarizing President in History

Among the most preposterous excuses I heard from people so slavishly devoted to moonbattery as to vote for Comrade Obama was the guffaw-inducing claim that this clearly unqualified left-wing extremist would somehow “unite” our center-right country. Unfolding history provides a rebuttal:

The Gallup Poll people delivered an interesting report [Monday]: President Obama was the most polarizing first-year president in history.

The average difference in Obama’s approval ratings between Democrats and Republicans turned out to be 65 percent — the highest first-year gap of any president so measured.

Dems are so heavily invested in this catastrophic farce that 88% of them still support Obama, even as he brings our country crashing down around us. Still more amazingly, a staggering 23% of Republicans approve of the mess he’s made, possibly an indication of gratitude for his having consigned the Democrat Party to the political wilderness for the foreseeable future.

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Look for this gigantic 65-point gap to shrink as his fifth-column terror and economic policies come to fruition, and the Moonbat Messiah’s approval inevitably dives toward zero on both sides of the cultural divide.

Polarizing? Ya think? Via Reaganite Republican.

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