Lancet Blames Israel for Muslim Misogyny

Generations of terrorism and whininess have deeply endeared Palestinians to progressives; consequently, they can do no wrong according to our liberal elite ruling class. If they beat their wives, it could only be because Israelis made them do it. Just ask the liberal establishmentarians at The Lancet. Chesler Chronicles reports on a newly published article entitled “Association Between Exposure to Political Violence and Intimate-Partner Violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territory: A Cross-Sectional Study,” which affirms that the Israeli “occupation” causes Arab domestic abuse.

The politically correct rubbish that passes for scientific research these days is not motivated by moonbattery alone. The study was funded in part by the Palestinian National Authority.

Statistics were helpfully provided by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.

Despite their stated “feminist” perspective, the authors expressed no interest in how the terror war against Israel might affect violence against Israeli women, nor did they indicate awareness that barbaric treatment of women is the signature of Muslim culture throughout the world, even where there are no Jews around to blame.

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The moral corrosion known as moonbattery has reduced everything else it has touched to demented trash, whether it be art or literature or entertainment. Why should scientific research be any different?

On a tip from Ghost of Mary Jo Kopechne. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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