Obama Legacy: Massive Sexual Harassment At The Department Of Justice

Obama Legacy: Massive Sexual Harassment At The Department Of Justice

Remember the good old days when this type of thing was considered an “inherited problem” by a certain chief executive and his compliant media?

Justice Department faulted for ‘systemic’ mishandling of sex harassment complaints

The Justice Department has “systemic” problems in how it handles sexual harassment complaints, with those found to have acted improperly often not receiving appropriate punishment, and the issue requires “high level action,” according to the department’s inspector general.

Justice supervisors have mishandled complaints, the IG said, and some perpetrators were given little discipline or even later rewarded with bonuses or performance awards. At the same time, the number of allegations of sexual misconduct has been increasing over the past five years and the complaints have involved senior Justice Department officials across the country.

The cases examined by the IG’s office include a U.S. attorney who had a sexual relationship with a subordinate and sent harassing texts and emails when it ended; a Civil Division lawyer who groped the breasts and buttocks of two female trial attorneys; and a chief deputy U.S. marshal who had sex with “approximately” nine women on multiple occasions in his U.S. Marshals Service office, according to investigative reports obtained by The Washington Post under a Freedom of Information Act request.

“We’re talking about presidential appointees, political appointees, FBI special agents in charge, U.S. attorneys, wardens, a chief deputy U.S. marshal, a U.S. marshal assistant director, a deputy assistant attorney general,” Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz said in an interview.

What’s missing here are actual dates of occurance, which is a rather obvious attempt to protect Obama while making it seem as if all this occurred under Trump. But, this actually goes to a memo about sexual harassment Horowitz sent to Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein on May 31st. Inherited problem.

While Horowitz’s office investigates the allegations, it is the department that decides on any discipline. In several cases, Horowitz said Justice Department attorneys who were accused of sexual misconduct were not disciplined appropriately and in some cases were later given awards or bonuses.

This was the DOJ of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. With Barack Obama over-seeing them. Not all the allegations are sexual harassment: the #2 in the Marshals Service for Massachusetts was accused of sleeping with nine women in his office. Misconduct of a sexual nature, but not harassment.

There were instances in the Civil Division, especially those dealing with immigration law. Incidents in the FBI. In this, that, and the other. Nice problem Obama left Trump, eh?

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