MFGA: France Is Cracking Down On Illegal Aliens

MFGA: France Is Cracking Down On Illegal Aliens

Make France Great Again doesn’t have quite the same ring for the acronym as MAGA, but, it’s the thought that really counts, right?

(Daily Republic) It’s getting colder, the clock is ticking and regional authorities are scrambling to meet President Emmanuel Macron’s deadline: get migrants off France’s streets and out of forest hideouts by year’s end.

That won’t likely happen, and Macron’s government is now tightening the screws: ramping up expulsions, raising pressure on economic migrants and allowing divisive ID checks in emergency shelters.

Critics contend that Macron’s increasingly tough policy on migrants — though wrapped in a cloak of goodwill — contradicts his image as a humanist who defeated an anti-immigrant populist for the presidency, and has crossed a line passed by no other president in the land that prides itself as the cradle of human rights. (snip)

Macron has made clear he wouldn’t accept economic migrants in France, wants those who don’t qualify for asylum expelled and doesn’t want them even trying to come to France.

Well, sure. He’s finally getting it, long after the citizens go it. Un-educated illegals and people who just showed up at their border who don’t speak the language, bring little work experience, do not seem to want to assimilate, and bring their repressive, 14th century cultures with them, increasing crime, rape, sexual harassment, and a general denigration of women. France has long had a problem with illegals rioting and burning cars. And the government is having to spend lots of taxpayer money to feed, house, and clothe these people, to the detriment of the French citizens. Most are coming from the Middle East, western Asia, and North Africa. And most are Muslim.

Oh, and then there have been all the terrorist attacks by members of the Religion of Peace in the name of Allah and Mohammad.

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen, defeated by Macron in the May presidential race, sees the direction the government is taking as a “political victory” for her anti-immigration National Front party.

It is. Whether they will continue following through is the question. Le Pen wouldn’t have gotten so far if the citizens of France weren’t tired of what’s going on with all these illegals and “asylum” seekers.

Photo from Bare Naked Islam, part of a post on illegal alien Muslim invaders fighting in and torching Calais.

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