Obama Looks To Ramp Up Partisan Attacks

Aww, poor President Neophyte. People are speaking out against his policies (which all seem to be outsourced to Congress) and, like a petulant 5 year old who doesn’t like others playing with his crayons, he is about to throw even more hissy fits. Waaaaaah-mbulance time!

President Barack Obama, after a year of fitfully searching for compromise, is taking a more aggressive tack with his Republican adversaries, hoping to energize Democratic voters and possibly muscle in some Republican support in Congress.

I suppose this is what he meant by “changing the way Washington works” and creating a “post-partisan era.” Perhaps Jim Geraghty should add to his list of broken promises Obama’s lies about working with people who have different viewpoints.

A senior Democratic official said the push was a textbook case of taking advantage of political momentum as the campaign season begins. Republicans are “on the defensive,” the official said, “and as long as they’re not cooperating, we ought to keep them there.”

Really? Obamacare is underwater, and the GOP leads on the generic ballot. The Big O’s approval rating stands at 46/46 and 47/53, according to Gallup and Rasmussen. 55% want ObamaCare repealed. 52% said Obama doesn’t deserve re-election. And he is tied with “anybody but Obama” for the 2012 elections. That trend has continued. 60% see the country heading in the wrong direction. Besides, why would we cooperate with a dangerous and damaging far left agenda?

The onus, however, is on the president to build relationships with minority leaders, Mr. Alexander said.

“If you’re the president or a governor and you don’t have a good relationship with the other party, that’s your problem to solve,” he said.

When you have a man in the White House who has no executive experience, never been in charge of actually leading people, forging consensus, learning the ability to turn opponents into supporters, the only thing left is for him to attack and go negative. He does fine with his little Obama-zombies, but, any resistance and his inner megalomaniac 5 year old emerges.

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