RNC Chair Michael Steele Needs To Go

When I first saw the story on The Daily Caller about RNC money being used at a “bondage themed club,” my first thought was, “what the hell is a bondage themed club?” Yeah. I guess I don’t get out much.

I held off writing about it because the first stories seemed to suggest that RNC chair Michael Steele had been the one at the club. I just didn’t buy that, and it turns out it wasn’t true. Michael Steele was not there, and says he had no idea of the expenditure. It seems there was an effort to recruit members to its “RNC Young Eagles” program (a fundraising sub group which targets younger donors). What this says about our younger generation is troubling enough. But what it says about Micheal Steele is just as bad.

The buck stops with him. He wasn’t aware? Well, he should have been. The staffer involved has been fired and the money will be returned. But for Steele to allow this is inexcusable. The other expenses are troubling as well. People in Washington seem to think that they are entitled to live large on other people’s money. God, we are all just sick of it.

Allah at HotAir says that there really shouldn’t be a problem with the club. After all, we do have our libertarian wing of the party who are not social conservatives, and it’s all legal, right?

He has a point. But it shows a general sense of incompetence on Steele’s part to not pay attention, and then not to see how this would play out.

I’ve been a supporter of Steele from the beginning. He’s had some problems and many have wanted him to step down for a while. I disagreed. But now, I think I may have been wrong about that. It’s time for him to go.

Who should replace him? Sarah Palin.

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