Obama Makes Major Move to SAVE Hillary from Prison

Obama Makes Major Move to SAVE Hillary from Prison

Gross. The Obama administration is taking steps to PREVENT Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, from being deposed in a legal case regarding the private use of email for classified information. Does this come as a shocker? Not to most Americans, who predicted this move by the Obama administration, long before it happened. This snake of a woman better be running out of get out of jail free cards soon…this kind of cowardly move is far past getting old.

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From Western Journalism:

The Hill reported Friday that the Justice Department has filed a motion opposing a request from legal watchdog Judicial Watch that Clinton be deposed.

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The filing states Judicial Watch is, “seeking instead to transform these proceedings into a wide-ranging inquiry into matters beyond the scope of the court’s order and unrelated to the FOIA request at issue in this case.”

Attorneys filed the motion Thursday, calling the request to depose Clinton “wholly inappropriate.”

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said the request to have Clinton deposed was made for an important purpose. “Mrs. Clinton’s testimony will help the courts determine whether her email practices thwarted the Freedom of Information Act.”

The case against Clinton is a result of Judicial Watch’s attempts to obtain documentation related to the 2012 terrorist attack’s in Benghazi. Investigation into the incident expanded into questions concerning Clinton’s handling of classified emails.

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I can hear Hillary telling Obama…hey man, you’re connected to this too, if I go down, YOU go down. I mean, that’s how D.C. works nowadays. If you’re dirty, it’s leverage, if you’re not dirty….they will find a way to trick you into being dirty. Like I said earlier… Gross.

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