The Horrifying Moment Boy Is Bitten by 6-Foot Shark [VIDEO]

The Horrifying Moment Boy Is Bitten by 6-Foot Shark [VIDEO]

A 13 yr-old boy was attacked and bit on the back of his right leg by a SHARK this past Sunday. The lifeguards on duty estimated the shark to be about 5 to 6 feet in length. This poor boy suffered an 8-inch long laceration and was taken to the hospital immediately. This is what we have learned about his condition and why it may have happened so unexpectedly as it did for the area…

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From the Daily Mail:

The boy and his stepfather were swimming in chest-deep water on Sunday afternoon when the shark attacked, Neptune Beach police spokesman Michael Key told CBS News.

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The shark latched on to the boy’s right leg – on the backside of his right knee and his calf – and then swam off.

Around 3pm lifeguards were notified of a teenage boy being pulled by other swimmers from an apparent shark bite.

‘This lady runs in the water carries this boy.

‘All you see is just blood, dripping and dripping out for about 50 feet,’ said Lou DeMark told CBS.

In a video taken by a witness, the boy can be seen on what appears to be a paddle board or some type of emergency board.

He is comforted by an adult who presses the teen’s head into his shoulder as a lifeguard wearing blue gloves tends to the wound in the 13-year-old’s leg.

‘One witness tells me that the boy was hysterical after a shark bit him and his dad was hugging him trying to calm him down,’ Action News Jax reporter Katie McKee tweeted.

The boy was taken to UF Health Jacksonville in Florida in stable condition and although authorities said his injury was severe it was not considered life-threatening.

Key said it was the first shark attack of the season at the beach.

Some scientists have predicted the increase in attacks this year and say it is due to climate change.

The ocean is such a calming place that many find is their favorite place to be. It’s too bad that now the word of INCREASED SHARK ATTACKS is getting out… Heck, sharks are so creepy, I may even be getting nervous in the deep end of a pool, thinking about sharks… Prayers for this boy to make a full recovery and not be too damaged mentally by this horrendous experience.

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