Trump Responds to Rioting Hoodlums By Doing THIS

Trump Responds to Rioting Hoodlums By Doing THIS

The luxury skyscraper “Trump Towers” on Fifth Avenue is about to become one of the most secure buildings in the world. Steps are being taken to heighten security measures, tenants will have to start filling out applications for anyone who wants to visit them…at least that was the rumor until Trump confirmed it. “It’s true. And the residents love it,” he said recently. This added security and precautionary changes are in response to the rioting and recent disruptions by protesters armed with threats and….


From the Daily Mail:

Trump tower is about to become the most secure place in New York City.

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The Fifth Avenue luxury skyscraper will be implementing ‘heightened security measures’ that will be carried out from July to coincide with the timing of the Republican National Convention, a source told Page Six.

Now, as well as resident’s IDs being checked upon entry to the building, tenants will have to start ‘filling out applications for anyone who wants to visit them.’

The source added: ‘If you want your mother to visit, she’ll have to fill out an application’ and said the block will essentially be ‘shut down’.

Trump told Page Six: ‘It’s true. And the residents love it because it was already the best building in New York, and it will be even more secure.’

Trump Tower sits on Fifth Avenue and is home to The Donald’s business as well as his three-level, 66th floor penthouse.

It boasts breathtaking views of Central Park and over-the-top decor – starting with the gold and diamond front door that greets visitors.

Inside is an almost literally dazzling scene: floor to ceiling marble, ceilings painted with scenes from the classical
Greek myths – and some surprisingly homely touches.

The penthouse is currently home to Trump, his third wife Melania, and their young son Barron. He also has four elder children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric and Tiffany.

Pretty smart considering…he lives there and has death threats up the wazoo. Where would nasties target first..? His home of course. I don’t know but if I were a resident there, I’d want these extra measures taken, and then some…

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