Obama Makes SICKENING Statement About Entitled Kaepernick

Obama Makes SICKENING Statement About Entitled Kaepernick

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Most Americans have been disgusted and outraged by Colin Kaepernick’s stunt of refusing to stand for the National Anthem. He’s faced protests and anger, especially as he claims to be “oppressed” in the United States. But Obama is evidently a fan of Kaepernick’s protest, showing once again how out of touch he is with the American people.

Obama never misses a chance to fan the flames of racial division, so this was a controversy tailor-made for him. And so he spoke out in favor of the protest, saying that Kaepernick “has a point”. Asked about the protest while he was in China for the G20 summit, Obama said, “He’s following his constitutional right to make a statement. I think there’s a long history of sports figures doing so.” He then added, “I don’t doubt his sincerity. I think he cares about some real, legitimate issues that have to be talked about. And if nothing else, he’s generated some conversation around some topics that need to be talked about.”


And rather than trying to understand why so many people are angry about Kaepernick’s stunt, Obama wants them to stop complaining and admit that he’s right. “Maybe some of his critics will start seeing he has a point around certain concerns around justice and equality,” Obama said. Of course, Obama is right that it’s Kaepernick’s constitutional right to protest the national anthem, and this is probably the first time that Obama has ever defended our constitutional rights so vociferously. If Kaepernick was protesting against forcing a Christian baker to make a cake for a gay wedding, would Obama still defend him so fiercely? Would he still say that Kaepernick “has a point”?

Obama has no problem with violating our constitutional right to freedom of religion. But hey, if it has to do with making the racial divide in America even wider, then Obama is on board! Nevermind that all Kaepernick is doing is putting on a stunt that is seemingly engineered to get him media attention. Nevermind that Kaepernick isn’t actually doing anything to solve the problem. Nevermind that Kaepernick is calling himself oppressed while he gets paid millions to play football. None of that matters. And people who are angry about it are evidently, according to Obama, unconstitutional.

Kaepernick can protest the flag and the national anthem all he wants, but people have a legitimate reason to be angry about it. And that Obama can’t understand that shows, yet again, how utterly clueless and divisive he is.

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