Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Blast Her MASSIVE White Heads

Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Blast Her MASSIVE White Heads


Dr. Pimple Popper is back, and this time, it’s not just one pimple she’s annihilating. In this video, Dr. Sandra Lee sees a patient she nicknames “Momma Squishy”. The patient has tons of massive blackheads that Dr. Lee blasts away one by one in the video.

The woman in the video has the cysts on her face, her neck, her breasts, and her stomach. The patient says that she’s had them for 20 years, but they’ve gotten worse over the last 10 years. Some of them were lanced, but they never completely went away. The diagnosis? According to Dr. Lee, it was Steatocystoma Multiplex, which typically appears as multiple yellow pimples all over the body, but especially on the trunk, upper arms, and thighs. The larger cysts can sometimes rupture and leave scars. Usually, the cysts contain a yellow, odorless liquid, but if they’re inflamed or infected, they can have a foul odor.

The cysts are treated by removing them through small incisions and extraction. According to Dr. Lee, the doctor removing the cysts must take special care on the trunk, where they can more easily leave scars.

Dr. Pimple Popper fans loved this video, and had a lot of sympathy for the patient, who had to be living in a lot of pain:

Can you imagine having those bumps on your bum? They must get so irritated. I feel so bad for her but happy for us pimple popping fanatics!! I also think she’s not only brave as hell to share them with us on YouTube but I admire her for being cool about it and not hiding away.

I agree, those seem terribly irritating! I get one boil and I’m miserable.

+SunflowerLily Plays ….I have a teensy tiny pimple on my butt cheek and it kills every time I walk cause of the friction….. lol…sorry I guess that was TMI but wow does it hurt!! ????can’t imagine having to deal with that many!!

Her pimples are really satisfying to watch

Oooh this is a pretty cool case! Thank you to the patient and medical team for sharing with us!

Oh lawdy, the facial ones look delicious! (In the popaholic way!)

i feel so bad for her! i hop these dont come back! they look painful!

“Momma Squishy” must feel a lot better now that all of those pimples are gone! Good job, Dr. Pimple Popper!

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