Obama Proclaims We’re Better Off Now Than 4 Years Ago Thanks To Himself

I already call this little fantasy world Obama lives in the simplistic “Obama World”, but, I have to wonder exactly what he calls it inside his own mind (hat tip Hot Air). National Review provides the video

The text, via Real Clear Politics

Obama was also asked the quintessential question that every president gets when he is running for reelection: “Are we better off now than we were four years ago?”

Well, you know, I think we are better off now than we would have been if I hadn’t taken all the steps that we took. I don’t think the country is stronger yet then it was when the economy was still booming and we didn’t have Wall Street crisis, and we didn’t have the housing bubble burst. But, we’ve made steady progress, we just need to make more.

(Insert Dr. Evil saying “riiiiiiiiiiight” in this space) High unemployment, low GDP, a deficit and debt that are out of control, spending out of control, low consumer confidence, real wages down, housing still in the crapper, rising energy prices, rising costs of good, food prices way up, and a stagnant economy, among others. In Obama’s mind, though, if he hadn’t outsourced everything to Harry and Nancy, it would have been the End Of Civilization.

He also said that he’s “less interested in allocating blame…”. Yeah, I’m wearing a DERP face on that one, too.

On hearing this, Speaker John Boehner said

“Are you kidding me?!” Boehner said loudly in response to a reporter’s question on the comment. “Why don’t you go ask the 14 million Americans who are out of work whether they’re better off today than they were four years ago?” …

Graphic via an NRSC ad, found at Dovebear.

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