Cain’s Caught In A Sexual Harassment Trap

Let’s be frank. Hostile environment sexual harassment laws are one of the most ridiculous and abused facets of the justice system. Now, let me clarify: We’re not talking about “Sleep with me or you’re fired;” we’re talking about, “I felt harassed because he told us a dirty joke,” or “There was a swimsuit calender on the wall, so I want money!”

If you’re a man who has female friends, you probably do things that would constitute sexual harassment a dozen times per month if it happened in the work place. Environmental sexual harassment shouldn’t exist at all because it criminalizes normal male/female interactions. It’s also horribly abused. What happens time and time again is that you have hypersensitive women, women without ethics, women who have a grudge, women who get fired, or women who want to leave a job and they take advantage of the system.

Then, it’s often cheaper to just settle than risk going to court and having a jury award her a million dollars because they don’t think your manager’s crude joke about the nun, the priest, and the rabbi was funny.

That sounds like it’s about what happened to Herman Cain.

Is it fair that the media covered it? Yes.

Well then, why are conservatives still complaining? Because if Herman Cain were a Democrat, they wouldn’t be covering it or they’d be downplaying it. People remember the wall-to-wall coverage of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, for example, but what they forget is that the MSM sat on the story until Drudge broke it. Juanita Broadrick? She never really got a fair shake in the MSM. John Edwards’ affair? The National Enquirer had to do that. Yet, this “scandal,” they’re landing on with both feet. If Herman Cain were a Democrat, would the Politico have run this story at all? Probably not. The problem isn’t so much that they’re doing it now; it’s that they give preferential treatment to Democrats in similar situations.

The bad news for Cain’s campaign is that people, being people, will want some kind of “closure” on this. They want to know the allegations, they want to hear from the women involved, they want all the details — which is probably not possible at the moment because of the non-disclosure agreements.

Not that we’d ever get the truth anyway. If Herman Cain really did something inappropriate, is he going to admit it? If these women took advantage of the system to get a payout, are they going to admit it? Furthermore, the fact that this is going on during a presidential campaign guarantees anything and everything that happens will be twisted, spun, hyped up, and lied about into the nth degree.

So, long story short: Since the overwhelming majority of hostile environment sexual harassment complaints are nonsense, shouldn’t be illegal anyway, and we will probably never know the real facts, this shouldn’t change people’s impression of Cain at all. However, it’s hard to tell how this will play out in the press and it’s hard to tell how long this will last since the details may never be public. That’s the trap Cain’s caught in: How does he get past this without the full details becoming public?

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