Obama Refused To Light White House Blue For Our Fallen Police – So Americans Made THIS Happen!

Obama Refused To Light White House Blue For Our Fallen Police – So Americans Made THIS Happen!

The Obama administration has declared support for certain causes in the past by illuminating the White House with colored lights, most notably in a rainbow display to memorialize the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision legalizing gay marriage nationwide.

But not all things are as memorializing as gay marriage. Take blue lights for murdered cops for instance…


From Western Journalism:

As the nation was hit with a rash of violence against the law enforcement community in recent weeks, however, Obama created some controversy by dismissing calls that the executive mansion be lit in blue to honor those officers killed or injured.

While White House press secretary Josh Earnest cited steps the president did take to pay tribute to the nation’s police, he asserted that a blue light display is “not something we plan to do at this point.”

The decision was met with some initial criticism from law enforcement groups and supporters.


Just a few days later, social media played a major role in helping activists organize an event aimed at turning the White House blue without any help from those on the inside. Conservative author and pundit Michelle Malkin helped coordinate Friday evening’s demonstration, explaining the gist in a Facebook post published this week.

“If you are in the D.C. area [Friday] night,” she wrote, “please meet me for #bluelightfriday at the White House at sundown! I’ll be holding vigil for the fallen with my friend, former NYPD officer John Cardillo, and many other retired/active-duty LEOs and friends/families/supporters of LEOs. We’re lighting the White House blue since Obama won’t do it.”

The event was set to begin at 7:45 local time at Lafayette Park.

“We’ll have blue glow sticks for everyone,” Malkin wrote, “– or bring your own best blue lights and tributes for our fallen.”

Unbelievable! How the hell can you possibly justify this?! Were gays systematically executed before the Supreme Court Ruled in favor of gay marriage? No? Then why the hell wouldn’t they pay tribute ‘at this point’? At this point, the people who protect your sorry asses are being targeted and killed!

On the other hand, Michelle Malkin is a BEAST! God bless that woman.

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