DEMOCRAT’S 4-Step Plan To Control Americans… [MEME]

DEMOCRAT’S 4-Step Plan To Control Americans… [MEME]


Democrats are predictable, because they never change. They use the same deceitful moves they have for ages and why not? Gullible Americans are still falling for them…so why change it up?

This is their 4-step plan, it’s so obvious, it’s embarrassing…

DemGunPlan (1)

Via William Teach:

Thank Goodness, We Now Have “Jason Bourne’s” Ideas On Gun Control

Alternate headline: guy who uses guns quite a bit in his movies calls for gun confiscation”
(The Blaze) Action movie actor Matt Damon spent his Fourth of July weekend in Australia, where he spoke to local media about the latest “Jason Bourne” film, as well as his views on gun control.

The “Bourne” franchise star expressed his desire that the United States would conduct a massive confiscation of firearms akin to the 1996 gun grab carried out by the Australian government.

“You guys did it here in one fell swoop, and I wish that could happen in my country, but it’s such a personal issue for people that we cannot talk about it sensibly,” Damon said during a promotional engagement in Sydney.

Well, obviously, talking sensibly requires confiscation of all privately owned guns. This is very much the Hollywood liberal view, and the view of liberals generally. If they really cared, they’d stop using guns in movies. As Stephen Kruiser notes
As we proceed in this election year, expect the American leftists to become less coy about their intentions, especially now that their Queen is getting a pass from the FBI on her email “confusion.”

Their “wink-wink, nudge-nudge” approach to gun laws thus far has featured repeated proclamations that they really are coming for our guns. They just want “sensible” gun reform, right?

They’re starting to get bolder. Consider this letter to The Tribune (a California paper)
In order to bring under control this insupportable rash of gun violence here in the U.S., the federal government should inaugurate the following three measures:

▪ First, make it unlawful to own or operate a military, multishot-style weapon.

▪ Next, stop the manufacturing of these weapons except for the military — use rifles for target practice or hunting. Some handguns would be acceptable in accordance with current gun safety measures.

▪ Finally, improve the system that tracks students from the time they enter school until they graduate at the end of 12 or 14 years. This will help keep track of students’ emotional status, as well as their educational progress.

I’m not quite sure what the meaning of that last one is in regards to guns, but, hey, OK, more governmental tracking of our lives. Notice the switch, which is stating that virtually all guns should be banned, including handguns, if they can fire more than 1 shot. Does the writer think that all weapons are automatic? Those are already illegal. Or, is he thinking that guns should only be allowed to fire one shot before reloading? Regardless, this is a typical leftist call for gun confiscation and banning.

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