Obama Says Picking Biden Was His Single Best Decision. Really?

Things that make you slap your forehead

At a Wilmington rally for Democratic Delaware Senate candidate Chris Coons today, President Obama laid to rest any remaining speculation that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden might switch jobs in 2012, telling a packed crowd in Biden’s home state that his choice of vice president was “the single best decision I have made.”

This is a “big f***ing deal!”

Remember, Obama picked Biden for his foreign policy experience. How’s that working out? Iraq is proceeding exactly as the Bush plan laid out, Obama didn’t follow Biden’s advice for Afghanistan (Biden wanted more air strikes and special operations forces, rather than a surge), Iran is about to get the nuclear bomb, and the rest of the world still doesn’t love us. Exactly what is Biden doing, anyhow? Other than cursing and making campaign trips, does he do anything?

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BTW, if Coons is going to easily win the Delaware Senate race, why do the Pres and VP need to make a trip?

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