Snap! AGW Will Destroy Our Cities

Just when you thought you had heard all the nuttiness and insanity from the global climate disruption fools, well, remember, this is AGW, a cult, and they will never run out of wild accusations

EARTH is starting to crumble under the strain of climate change.

Over the last decade, rock avalanches and landslides have become more common in high mountain ranges, apparently coinciding with the increase in exceptionally warm periods (see “Early signs”). The collapses are triggered by melting glaciers and permafrost, which remove the glue that holds steep mountain slopes together.

Worse may be to come. Thinning glaciers on volcanoes could destabilise vast chunks of their summit cones, triggering mega-landslides capable of flattening cities such as Seattle and devastating local infrastructure.

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Except, whoops, New Scientist makes a boo boo

For Earth this phenomenon is nothing new, but the last time it happened, few humans were around to witness it. Several studies have shown that around 10,000 years ago, as the planet came out of the last ice age, vast portions of volcanic summit cones collapsed, leading to enormous landslides.

So, why can’t this warming period, which is anything but “exceptional”, be the same as before, ie, natural?

The first volcanoes to go will most likely be in the Andes, where temperatures are rising fastest as a result of global warming. Any movement here could be an early sign of trouble to come elsewhere. David Pyle, a volcanologist at the University of Oxford, agrees. “This is a real risk and a particularly serious hazard along the Andes,” he says.

Uh huh. If man caused global warming is supposed to be about the globe warming, then why has the Pacific coast side of the Andes cooled? Sure, the other parts have warmed (couldn’t have anything to do with nature and man cutting forests down, could it?) in relation to the years 1640-1899……wait, weren’t we in the Little Ice age during the majority of that time period? Never mind, doesn’t matter, AGW is about Faith, not facts.

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