Obamas Release Last White House Christmas Card – Immediately People Notice Something ODD

Obamas Release Last White House Christmas Card – Immediately People Notice Something ODD

Another spectacular Christmas with the Obamas… not. Take a close look at their Christmas card below. No thought went into it at all. They made it all about themselves and didn’t even say Merry Christmas! That won’t be the case with President-elect Trump. That in itself will be refreshing. The picture was taken last March at an event given by Fidel Castro-loving Trudeau. There’s no picture of the White House or even a fricking tree. The card is like an after thought by a sore loser. And the gray hair? Nice touch… I doubt it is that gray, just sayin’. He’s trying to look dignified or something. Fail.

That is one the most hideous Christmas cards I have ever seen. I can get better ones at any Hallmark store. I miss the class that the Bushes and Reagan displayed in their Christmas wishes. This is just pathetic. Thank all that is holy that this is their last Christmas. I honestly don’t think I could have taken much more. No more commie ornaments, no more portraits of Hillary Clinton, no more leftists period. Wipe this administration from our nation’s memory. It has been horrific.


From BizPac Review:

Because it’s always all about him.

Intended to capture the bittersweet reality this is the last of their annual Christmas cards, President Barack Obama released this year’s effort that features a photo of the first family.

…a choice that breaks from a modern tradition of featuring images of the White House on the card.

A very gray Obama is seen in the image standing next to first lady Michelle Obama, with now grown up daughters Malia and Sasha on either side of them.

The photo was taken in March at a state dinner honoring Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — the first time Obama’s daughters attended a state dinner, People Magazine reported.

Malia and Sasha “dazzle” in elegant, embroidered gowns designed by Naeem Khan, that are worth nearly $20,000. Each.

There’s not much of a Christmas-y feel to the card, other than being framed by Christmas holly clipart.

Seriously… couldn’t they have put any effort into this at all? Were they that busy packing to get the hell out of there? I understand Obama is plotting going back to organizing and ginning up chaos, but come on! Americans don’t want a crappy ‘holiday card’ from their President. The only thing expensive about all this are the dresses on those girls – each of them costs $20,000. That is obscene.

January 20th is fast approaching and America can’t wait. I pray that the White House once again dons some grace and class after all this. If we have any sense at all, we will never dare elect another Marxist again. It’s been an eight-year embarrassment and a collective nightmare. Christmas won’t be so merry… but it’s going to be a fantastic New Year.



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