Army Ranger Gone UFC Badass Has A Message For ISIS….RUN! [VIDEO]

Army Ranger Gone UFC Badass Has A Message For ISIS….RUN! [VIDEO]

When I look at men these days, I just sigh and feel like banging my head on a wall. Millennial snowflakes are not what I call real men. They are some genderless waste of space that I just cannot comprehend. If they ever decided to actually become one with the male half of the species, they might want to look towards someone like Tim Kennedy. He’s a UFC fighter, a Green Beret, an Army Ranger and a serious badass, who even ISIS fears. That’s what men should be, or at least aspire to be. Sorry, I’m just prejudiced that way.

This is a man that trains like hell and doesn’t know the meaning of failure. He just gets back up and beats the crap out of it. No safe spaces for Tim. No whining and bullying for this guy… if you get in his face, you are going to find yourself on the ground and possibly needing dental work. Tim is a serious fighter. He is a rare breed these days… a man’s man. There’s nothing soft or coddled about this warrior. That’s what I call American.


From Louder with Crowder:

Tim Kennedy is a UFC fighter, Green Beret, Army Ranger, and all around badass. He’s also a good friend of the show (see ISIS Threatens UFC’s Tim Kennedy… He Responds Awesomely and LwC # 98 HILLARY’S INDICTMENT! and Tim Kennedy). To hype up Tim’s fight at UFC 206, the Bleacher Report ran a video on just how badass he is…

ISIS. They’re not going to come after guys like me, because they know if they do…they’ll be dead. They can send anyone they want as long as they don’t send them back, ’cause I don’t give a damn.

There are plenty of things to be said about Tim Kennedy, but the larger point I want clear? He’s an all around American man. No, this isn’t to say if you’re not a Green Beret or MMA fighter you’ll be docked man points. Just that Kennedy embodies machismo in both a physical and spiritual sense. He needs no trigger warnings. His safe space happens to be wherever he’s standing. Though the same space he’s occupying is rather unsafe for his enemies.

Tim’s message to ISIS is RUN! He’s received threats from them and all he can say is send your best, but don’t expect to get them back. What can a snowflake learn from this fighter? Don’t back down in a fight or run for your safe space. Be safe wherever you stand and make it unsafe for your enemies. Train your mind and body to face whatever may come and rely on yourself, not everyone else or the government to save your ass.

This isn’t something that should even need to be stated. There was a time when men naturally lived their lives like this. That was before metro-sexuals and gender fluidity became a ‘thing’. Men didn’t use hashtags and sign lame petitions. They fought their battles head on whether at war or in politics, journalism or in the ring. You see… I believe men should be allowed to be men and not some politically correct construct. I would much rather have a Tim Kelly than a dozen Michael Moores (shudder). Men should strive for strength, independence, courage and survival… enough of the weenie snowflake crap already.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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