Obama’s West Coast Trip Totally About Comfort Post UCC Shooting. And Fundraising

The family of Kate Steinle, who was murdered by a 6 time deported illegal alien who had been convicted of multiple felonies and used a handgun stolen from a federal agent, is still waiting for their condolences from Mr. Obama, as are the families of those killed and injured by the guns Obama’s DOJ ran into Mexico during Operation Fast and Furious, not too mention all those killed and raped by illegal aliens

Obama focusing on condolences, not gun laws, in Oregon visit

President Barack Obama is bringing words of comfort and sympathy to grieving families of victims of the shooting rampage in Roseburg, Oregon, muting his message about the need for new laws to stem gun violence as he visits an area where firearms are popular.

Obama will talk with family members Friday at the start of a four-day West Coast trip. Eight community college students and a teacher were killed before the gunman fatally shot himself in front of his victims after he was wounded by police. (snip)

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Obama was already scheduled to go to the West Coast trip when the shooting occurred, and the White House adjusted his schedule to include Roseburg.

In other words, this is just a convenient way for Obama to look like he cares, because

That’s right, he has a fundraiser set up in Seattle for Friday night.

Some will say “well, Obama can’t call, write, and/or visit everyone killed by a gun, much less all the illegal aliens crimes.” You’re right. But, he sure seems to make an exception for certain people. The Kate Steinle murder wasn’t exactly a local, non-national level murder. It was national news. It was big. Obama was able to pick up the phone and call Michael Sam and Jason Collins for coming out as gay. He called Doctors Without Borders after his military bombed and killed doctors at a hospital in Afghanistan. He seems to have plenty of time to make a few calls while taking a long fossil fueled trip across the country.

Did I mention that Obama is attending a second fundraiser in San Francisco Friday? Kate Steinle was killed in SF. Why not an invite to her family?

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