John Kerry Takes Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Discuss ‘Climate Change’ Refugees In Chile

Secretary of State John Kerry has long been a disciple of the Cult of Climastrology (just not enough to support the Cape Wind Project), and never seems to miss an opportunity to whine about it. And, yes, he was in Chile for other things

But, he had to yammer on about ‘climate change’

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(Breitbart) Secretary of State John Kerry warns the world that more and more people will be fleeing the devastation caused by global warming. “It’s something new. We have climate refugees today,” he said during a town hall event about the oceans.

Kerry described climate refugees as people who had to leave their homes because of drought, rising sea levels, and thawing permafrost.

“[T]he day could come, if we don’t respond rapidly, you could have millions of climate refugees. You could have people moving from whole areas where today you can grow things and tomorrow you can’t,” he said.

Remember how all those climate refugees crossed the land bridge from Russia into Alaska and then migrated down through North and South America? It must have been boiling in Siberia! People have always picked up and moved due to climatic changes. Things tend to be much worse during cool periods and ice ages.

It’s actually rather sad that Kerry had to devolve to this kind of hysteria, because he had some great points about real environmental issues, namely, overfishing and illegal fishing, along with real pollution, such as plastics and fertilizers which cause “dead spots” in oceans.

Of course, he doesn’t actually know what will happen from Hotcoldwetdry

There are scientists now who are telling us that the warming of the ocean and the changes of the ice melting in the Antarctic and the Arctic can have a profound impact on the major ocean currents. And those major ocean currents have been critical to the kind of climate that we all have been able to live with. If that changes, I can’t stand here and tell you what the impact will be, but I know that when you disrupt such a critical component of the life cycle, you are taking enormous risks. And all of us, if we’re aware of those risks, we have a major moral responsibility as a matter of simple precaution not to put future generations at risk.

The last few Holocene warm periods, which were warmer than today, were periods of rapid, positive growth and enlightenment. But, it’s nice to see him admit that he really doesn’t know, and that this is all speculation wrapped in doomsaying.

Apparently, here’s the kicker, CO2 causes cancer

Let me give you an example. I’ve been working on the issue of climate change for years and we’ve always heard this argument, “Oh, we can’t – the United States can’t put restrictions on our automobiles so we have less CO2 because then we won’t be competitive with other countries.” But that’s not true because other countries also want their people to be able to breathe clean air and not get cancer from particulates in the atmosphere.

Let’s just end this silliness with what Kerry deserves

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