Outrage After Obama Admin Makes Announcement About Transgender Bathroom Law

Outrage After Obama Admin Makes Announcement About Transgender Bathroom Law

What a joke. North Carolina officials have been told by the Justice Department they can no longer enforce their transgender bathroom access law. Why? Well, because it was discrimination against the rights of transgenders. EXCUSE ME? When did their right to have their feelings protected, become more important than the right of our daughters, mothers, wives and sisters being able to use the bathroom without fear of being violated in some way?


From Western Journalism:

The law, known as HB2, requires transgender individuals to use public bathrooms that conform to their gender at birth. The Justice Department letter, which demanded a response by Monday, said the law violated the civil rights of transgender individuals.

“HB2 … is facially discriminatory against transgender employees on the basis of sex because it treats transgender employees, whose gender identity does not match their biological sex, as defined by HB2, differently from similarly situated non transgender employees,” said the letter from Vanita Gupta, the Justice Department’s top civil rights lawyer, to North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory.

“The State is engaging in a pattern or practice of discrimination against transgender state employees and both you, in your official capacity, and the state are engaging in a pattern or practice of resistance” of their rights, the letter said.

“This is no longer just a N.C. issue. This impacts every state, every university and almost every employee in the United States of America,” McCrory said Wednesday night. “All those will have to comply with new definitions of requirements by the federal government regarding restrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities in both the private and public sector.”

McCrory labeled the Justice Department letter “something we’ve never seen regarding Washington overreach in my lifetime.”

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger called the letter “a gross overreach.”

“It looks an awful lot like politics to me,” said House Speaker Tim Moore. “I guess President Obama, in his final months in office, has decided to take up this ultra-liberal agenda.”

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How is it not common sense? This isn’t about discrimination, this is about safety!

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