Outrageous: Obama Criticized America and Defended Islam in the Same Speech

We knew from the beginning that Barack Obama, who sat for decades in the pews of Jeremiah “AmeriKKKa” Wright’s church, was not the biggest fan of the United States — in fact, he seems to hold this country and everything it stands for in contempt. But in a recent speech, he sank to a new low by criticizing America… and applauding Islam.


He stated that “we have reaffirmed that the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam,” rehashing the familiar refrain that the religion “teaches peace.”

Practitioners of Islam are just trying to “live with dignity and a sense of justice,” he continued, chastising those who seek to point out a pervasive strain of violence within the global Muslim community.

“And when it comes to America and Islam,” he said, “there is no us and them. There is only us, because millions of Muslim Americans are part of the fabric of our country.”

… “I realize that America’s critics will be quick to point out that at times we too have failed to live up to our ideals; that America has plenty of problems within our own borders,” he said. “This is true.”

…He went on to cite the Ferguson, Mo. police shooting that left robbery suspect Michael Brown dead as evidence of “our own racial and ethnic tensions.”
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It is unbelievably offensive that a sitting president would speak before the world about how America has failed to live up to her ideals, while simultaneously talking up the enemy. Islamic terrorists are, as we speak, formulating plots to kill Americans and have beheaded two innocent American civilians… and all Obama can do is sing the praises of Islam’s perverted sense of “justice”.

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