First Grade Girls at Toronto School Forced to Share a Bathroom With a Boy

First Grade Girls at Toronto School Forced to Share a Bathroom With a Boy

The insistence on allowing mentally ill people who believe that they were born as the “wrong” gender to use whatever bathroom they feel like using is a perfect example of political correctness gone crazy. Perhaps craziest of all is the case of a Toronto Catholic school, forced to allow a boy being exploited and warped by his lesbian parents to use the girls bathroom.


According to P.E.A.C.E president Phil Leeds, a mother whose daughter attends Grade 1 at a Toronto Catholic school (names withheld for legal purposes) had contacted the organization with some very distressing news about a boy in her daughter’s class whose lesbian parents insist he now be treated like girl, which means he will be using the girl’s restrooms.

Reportedly, the boy had been previously been with the girl’s class pre-K, but went to a different school for kindergarten and returned to the previous school for Grade 1, where his lesbian parents told the principal to treat him like a girl.

“They insisted that by law the school must honor their request,” said Leeds; “that this biological boy be called a girl, be allowed to attend the washroom with the girls, and in future change with the girls.”

By the concerned mother’s account, the “transgendered” boy has become increasingly “interested in all of the fuss about how boys and girls are different and is showing off his genitalia, and wanting to see how the girls are different.” Teachers have been told the classmates must treat the boy as “girl,” and if they do not, they are to be disciplined.

One of the larger concerns for parents is the school’s policy of requiring kids go to the bathroom with partners. As LifeSiteNews reported, the boy’s lesbian parents were not content to have him use the single-stall handicap restroom or the teacher’s restroom.

Sadly, the school does not have a choice in this matter, as transgender people are considered a “protected class”. Meanwhile, it matters not at all that the rights of actual girls in the Toronto school are being trampled on, or that their safety is being compromised — nope, these two lesbian parents (who surely didn’t plant the notion that their son is a “girl” into his head, not at all) are only concerned about furthering their own perverted and twisted agenda.

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