Politico: You Know What Obama’s Really Awesome At?

Initially, when I ran across this article at Memeorandum and started reading it, it seemed to be a typical Politico portrait of just how super-awesome Obama is

And what’s right with President Obama?

Barack Obama is a man of different talents, instincts and interests than Clinton. But now that Washington is in pile-on mode – including us – it’s not a bad time to remember that there are some reasons why he is among the most talented politicians of his generation.

Recent bad headlines have not diluted his enduring personal and political assets, and, so long as he occupies the White House, there is no other person with more power to set the national agenda.

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In that spirit, here’s a roster of what’s still right with Obama:

  • His personality (strange, because he’s been called cold and aloof by the people who know him, though we have to admit it he can really turn it on out on the campaign trail)
  • His normality (it’s apparently normal to take expensive vacations to fancy shmancy places while Americans suffer)
  • His enemies (he likes to create them. A lot of them)
  • His party (a bunch of raving nutjobs who’ve made abortion their primary political stance)
  • His luck (well, I’ll admit the guy has quite a bit of this)

In thinking about this, though, notice what is left out: anything relating to an ability to be the Chief Executive. Nothing about competence, a serviceable background, financial savvy, honor, realism, ability to work with and play well with others, no leadership or management skill, doesn’t understand when to stop. If you look at any list of what makes a great business leader, particularly a CEO, Obama barely has any of those qualities or others for a person at the top. And he sure hasn’t learned anything in his 4+ years.

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