Waxman Brings Warmist To Testify About Climate Change, Mentions May Snow

Say, how’d all these believers in Hotcoldwetdry travel to Washington?

(Climate Progress) Tuesday marked the first time that individuals impacted by climate change had a chance to come before Congress and tell their stories, according to Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), who helped co-founded the Safe Climate Caucus. Six people with personal stories and one scientist spoke as part of Waxman’s 28-member group, formed this year to raise awareness about climate change and push back on Republican opposition to new environmental rules. (snip)

“We’re getting all the wrong weather at the wrong time,” Russell said. “July was the coldest ever in Iowa and now September is the hottest. We had the worst snowstorm in two years in May and now we’re back in drought. The joke in Iowa is what month will show up in October?”

Um, OK. Greenhouse gases that “trap” heat made it cold and snowy? Probably because someone took a fossil fueled trip.

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Hugh Fitzsimmons, a bison rancher and beekeeper from Texas spoke about the double impact of man-made climate change, resulting in drought, and the man-made water crisis caused by water used for hydraulic fracturing around his home near the Rio Grande. The devastating drought and heat of the summer of 2011 caused Fitzsimmons’s bison to give birth to only seven babies, rather than the usual 70 or more.

“Denial is not just a river in Egypt,” said Fitzsimmons. “In Texas oil and gas are exempt from water regulations and nobody will listen to you when you try to tell them what’s happening. It’s like the poet Gary Snyder said – nature bats last.”

Did Fitzsimmons ride a bicycle or walk to Washington? It looks more like he’s not a very good farmer, unable to plan and execute when weather happens, and, like any good Liberal, blames Mankind (mostly Other People) for his faults.

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