President Obama Bailing Out Chicago Mobster Alexi Giannoulias

Wow, a terrific ad from the NRSC about President Obama’s connection with mobster Alexi Giannoulias:

Haven’t heard about Giannoulias? Here’s some background from the Examiner’s David Flatt:

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Since his return from Greece Giannoulias has met repeatedly with known criminals. Alexi Giannoulias family bank is known as the Broadway Bank in Chicago. Clients of the Broadway Bank have included Michael Giorango, who was a Florida real estate developer who’s been convicted of running illegal bookmaking and was also convicted for operating prostitution rings. Other clients of Broadway Bank included Boris Stratievsky and his son Lev Stratievsky, who were eventually convicted of money laundering of drug money for the Ukrainian mafia. Yet another client of Broadway Bank was Tony Rezko, who was a developer who was later convicted of both fraud and money laundering for his part in the attempted selling of the US Illinois Senate seat during the administration of Governor Blagojevich.

In response to Giannoulias’s relationships with this long list of questionable characters, Giannoulias tried to explain it away during an interview with Chicago Tonight. ‘In a perfect world, we’d only lend money to the most morally upstanding citizens,’ … ‘when you have over 10,000 customers, a $950 million bank, there are a handful of customers–not unlike other businesses–who have legal issues, legal issues which are completely unrelated to the conduct of the bank.’ Alexi Giannoulias seems to believe it is ok to do business with gangsters as long as you really did not know how bad they are. Maybe next time Mr. Giannoulias will remember to ask.

More here, from Sean Hannity:

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