Who’s To Blame For Omar Thornton Killing 8 People? Barack Obama & Keith Olbermann

You’ve heard the story by now. Fired union member Omar Thornton murdered 8 people after being fired for stealing because he claimed he was a victim of discrimination,

Omar Thornton, who walked into a Connecticut business on Tuesday, opened fire and killed 8 then himself, was being forced to resign from his truck driving job after he was accused of stealing. Additionally, his girlfriend claims he snapped due to racial harassment.

Thornton, 34, had worked for Hartford Distributors for two years and had been a driver for one. CNN reports he was told by union officials and the company that he could either resign or be fired after being shown a video that allegedly showed him stealing from a truck.

Ross Hollander, the company’s CEO, told CNN that Thornton signed his resignation paper and was escorted toward the door when he asked for a drink of water. He then pulled out a handgun and began firing.

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…The secretary and treasurer of Teamsters Local 1035, Chris Roos, said Thornton never filed a racial complaint with the union or any other government agency.

“This has nothing to do with racial stuff. This was a sick individual. He just snapped,” said Roos.

Will Holliday, Thornton’s uncle, told WFSB that he received a call from his nephew shortly after the shootings in which he said “’I killed the five racists that was there that was bothering me’ and he said ‘that’s it, the cops are going to come in so I’m going to take care of myself.’”

So, who’s to blame for this? Two people: Keith Olbermann and Barack Obama.

It’s true that we don’t know for sure that Thornton listened to Keith Olbermann’s vicious anti-business and anti-capitalistic rants. But, would anyone be surprised if Thornton did? Even if Thornton never listened to Olbermann, it’s clear that Olbermann helped create the climate of hate for employers that influenced Thornton. When does Keith Olbermann take responsibility for this? When does he apologize to the families? When does the government take this man off the air? Keith Olbermann, after looking at the disaster you helped create, I say, “Have you no shame, sir?”

Then there’s Barack Obama who has not only engaged in race baiting himself, in the Henry Louis Gates case, but has stood by chuckling on the sidelines as his supporters have constantly hurled accusations of racism at everyone who disagrees with him. Was Omar Thornton influenced by that? Surely he was. Surely he decided to kill these men because he was “led astray, led amok…bamboozled” by Barack Obama and the rest of the race baiters in his ranks. The blood is on your hands now, Obama supporters. I hope you’re happy with the body count you created, you twisted [email protected]

PS: This is just a test of what this blog would sound like if conservatives actually used the exact same specious left-wing arguments that we hear every time some nut who isn’t a diehard Democrat kills people. So, liberals, if you’re wondering what you sound like to normal people in cases like this, this was it.

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