So, If Bigotry Is Behind Opposition To The Ground Zero Mosque…

One of biggest mistakes the Left has made during the Obama presidency is overplaying the race card. Not only do they play the card constantly, they’ve applied it to an ever growing circle of people. In fact, there’s probably not a non-liberal in America who hasn’t been called a racist or a bigot by some prominent liberal since Obama was elected.

A great example of this is the mosque at Ground Zero. Whether you are for it or against it, the most basic argument against it is so plain, simple, and obvious that it’s practically instinctual to most people. Nearly 3000 people were killed by radical Muslims in the name of Islam; so it’s inherently disrespectful to build a mosque on top of their graves. Again, whether you support the Ground Zero Mosque or not, playing the “you hate Muslims” card here is laughable. It would be like the Westboro Baptist Church claiming that people who don’t want them picketing the funerals of soldiers are anti-Christian.

Yet, the core of the Left’s argument has been what? The people who oppose building a mosque at Ground Zero are doing so because of bigotry. This has been a constant, never ending refrain from the Left.

So, let’s see how that assertion squares up with the actual poll numbers on the mosque. First, here’s Rasmussen:

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Solid majorities of Republicans (71%) and unaffiliated voters (70%) oppose the building of a mosque near Ground Zero, a view shared by 49% of Democrats.

Oh, so those mean old Republicans are anti-Muslim bigots. No shocker there — right, libs? But, 70% of independent voters and….drumroll, please….49% of Democrats? Oh, those poor libs. Little did they know there was so much hatred on their own side.

Here’s some more polling data from Quinnipiac:

Opposition to the mosque is 56 – 31 percent among white voters, 45 – 34 percent among black voters and 60 – 19 percent among Hispanic voters. Opposition among religious groups is 66 – 22 percent among Jews, 66 – 24 percent among white Catholics and 46 – 36 percent among white Protestants. –

So, white people oppose the mosque. Well, no surprise there — right, libs? But, so do black voters. And Hispanic voters. And Jews, Catholics, and Protestants. What an intolerant society we live in. Who would’ve thunk it? Oh, yeah; liberals would.

That leaves us with a central question: Are liberals right when they claim that wide swathes of Americans society are bigoted and racist for not agreeing with their take on the issues or are they wrong? If they’re wrong, then how are people who are unfairly being smeared as racists and bigots going to react? Hopefully, they won’t continue to take it lying down.

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