RUSH LIMBAUGH: Obama’s Regime Has Been Rejected!!!

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Obama’s Regime Has Been Rejected!!!

Rush Limbaugh has a point here. This election was a referendum that rejected Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It was more about stopping Marxists than it was electing Donald Trump. Whether our new President stands against everything the old guard stood for is yet to be seen, but I hope that is true. I will continue to call it as I see it… when Trump does something truly conservative and Constitutional, I will sing his praises. When he goes leftist, I’ll nail him for it.

Rush is also right when he says it should never have gotten to this point. Obama should never have been elected in the first place and if we had been minding the store the way all of us should have, he would never have risen to such heights and be allowed to wreak such damage against America. We don’t want their Marxist agenda and policies and that became glaringly clear last night during the election. The shock wave swept the nation and knocked Progressives right off their feet. It was epic to watch. All walks of life in America finally had enough of this crap and let it be known, the American way.


From Rush Limbaugh:

RUSH: So Obama’s out now speaking. We had Paul Ryan. We had Hillary. Now Obama’s speaking, he’s out there in the Rose Garden. (interruption) What? No! We’re not gonna JIP Obama! People don’t tune in to listen to Obama. People tune in to listen to me. I’ll tell you what Obama’s doing. Obama’s being his usual arrogant self. He’s out there saying, “I’m encouraged. I’m encouraged by what I heard Donald Trump say last night. I really am encouraged.”

You just are so pathetic, it’s hard for me to remain civil.  What do you mean you are encouraged?  Donald Trump just defeated everything you stand for.  That’s what happened last night.  We didn’t need this guy to win in 2008.  He could have been defeated.  The Democrat Party agenda was creamed last night.  This was not a racial election.  Van Jones is not right.  This was not a whitelash.

Every way they choose to characterize their loss is going to be wrong until they admit that what they stand for was rejected.  Their policies, their agenda was told to take a hike last night by all kinds of people.  The average black construction worker in Michigan, the legal Mexican mechanic in Texas, has a lot more in common with the average white American laborer than, say, some elitist Obama family of Martha’s Vineyard vacationers.  This was a coalition of all colors and stripes and backgrounds that came together last night to send this policy regime packing!

Barack Obama speaking about a peaceful joint transition is just obscene. He has repeatedly done everything he can to destroy our way of life and our country itself. He doesn’t like Trump and I’m sure Trump has little use for him. Obama is pretending to be big about this, but he’s not. It’s all about him as it always has been.

I doubt that Americans will quickly forget Obama’s acidic tongue when speaking about Trump. It was massively unpresidential and quintessentially Obama. Hillary lost last night because America rejected the policies and agenda you people have shoved down our throats for eight years and longer. It had nothing to do with race or gender… it had everything to do with freedom.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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