“The View” Hosts Have Humiliating MELTDOWN On Air – WOW! [VIDEO]

“The View” Hosts Have Humiliating MELTDOWN On Air – WOW! [VIDEO]

The shrews of The View had an epic meltdown over Donald Trump being elected President. It was delicious to watch. Whoopi Goldberg looked like she was ready for a straight-jacket and that old sea hag, Behar, was wishing she was drunk. She’s terrified that we now have a Republican president, Senate and House. Too freaking bad. Maybe now we can actually get something done and fix some of this crap you leftists have so royally screwed up. I hope and pray that Trump carries through on his promise to put true conservatives on the Supreme Court… the hose beasts of The View might not survive it and I’m good with that. Really.

Former Fox News contributor Jedediah Bila seemed to have her head screwed on right: “You have a Libertarian wing of the party, I’ve always said, ‘How does John McCain and Rand Paul wind up in the same party?’ They disagree fundamentally on foreign policy issues. I mean, Hillary Clinton was far more hawkish in her speech than Donald Trump was. So, I think there are a lot of checks still. I think the Republican Party is trying to figure out who they are and what they stand for, and Donald Trump will want to do some things in that party that some people will not approve of and will stand up against.” That’s exactly right… the Republican Party needs to decide what they stand for now and what they will do. They are still fractured and the battle for the heart and soul of the Party has just begun. Bila gets that… points to her for that insight.


From the Independent Review Journal:

It’s official — Hillary Clinton has conceded to president-elect Donald J. Trump after the GOP nominee stunned America with his election win Tuesday night.

Though voters on both sides of the aisle still seemed in shock Wednesday morning, few were as “colorful” in their commentary as the ladies on “The View.”

Whoopi Goldberg called it “shocking,” while Joy Behar said she was “slowly getting drunk” throughout their election night coverage:

“It was a rough night for everybody I think. We’re worried, the people are worried.

You know, okay, he’s the president, now what? We’re watching you, okay?”

Behar went on to explain what really scares her, which is a Republican-controlled White House, Congress, Senate and, potentially, the Supreme Court.

Sarah Haines even had the stones to say maybe her critics were right and she was out of touch with what the world was really all about. Ya think? Candace Cameron Bure, an outspoken evangelical Republican, was thrilled with the results of the election last night, but she put it in the perspective of faith and hoped that Trump would keep his word. So do I.

But Whoopi Goldberg just couldn’t let it go. She kept digging at Trump’s character as if she has any room to talk. Glass houses and all that. She feels threatened by Trump and says her friends are afraid. I’m sorry… if she doesn’t like how he stands on illegal aliens, that’s just too bad. It’s called the rule of law. She speaks of the Constitution and God and in the same breath talks about protecting illegal aliens’ rights. It remains to be seen how Trump will carry out what he has said he will do. Whoopi is just going to have to suck it up and live with it or leave. Tantrums on air for a woman her age are extremely unattractive. She loved every socialist/communist policy that Clinton stood for, but bring in someone who may even do one thing conservative and she won’t stand for it. Shut it Whoopi. He’s the President now for all of America and you owe him a chance to prove himself. You certainly would have done it for Clinton.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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