SNL’S CREEPY Farewell To Obama Just Makes Them Look CRAZY! VIDEO

SNL’S CREEPY Farewell To Obama Just Makes Them Look CRAZY! VIDEO

This is just nauseating beyond comprehension. If you had any doubts that Saturday Night Live was a leftist tool, this should remove them. It was bad enough earlier this week when a writer for SNL, Katie Rich, tweeted a hateful, vicious comment about ten year-old Barron Trump. She was fired by Saturday Night Live over the weekend because of it. But then they turn around and do this. Cecily Strong and Sasheer Zamata sing “To Sir, With Love” at the end of their first episode, post Obama. Gag worthy.

This takes Obama beyond being an idol, right into cult status and it is simply unhinged. He was no one’s best friend, unless you count him being his own best friend. Considering his narcissism, that is extremely appropriate. In the song, they are directly targeting millennials… many young people only really know Obama as being their president. That’s why we are in such a horrid state. There is a huge section of the country that doesn’t know what true constitutional conservatism is and why it is the life blood of America.


From Young Conservatives:

Saturday Night Live already ran into trouble with conservatives this week with writer Katie Rich taking a vile shot at 10 year old Barron Trump, the son of new President Donald Trump.

Now, they’ve moved on from a vile comment about a little boy to out-and-out cult worship.

Here you have first Cecily Strong, later joined by Sasheer Zamata, singing “To Sir with Love” to an outsized picture of former President Barack Obama, to wish him farewell.

Warning: try not to gag…

They thank him in the lines of the classic song “how do you thank someone for taken you from crayons to perfume?”

Another line says “I know I am losing my best friend” and “the person who taught me right from wrong.”

Zamata pleadingly says “Don’t go” at the end.

“To Sir With Love” was an amazing movie and song, about students learning how to live in the world from their teacher. Check out the song from a real singer here.

It’s appropriate to them, because to them, Barack Obama wasn’t just a president, he was a cult-like father-figure. Hence the adoring outsized picture in the background.

The performance was creepy and tacky. I sincerely doubt I will ever watch Saturday Night Live again. Which is sad, I grew up loving the show. Now look at it. It’s not even funny anymore.

This video is going viral on Twitter. People are crying over the loss of their beloved Obama. They are buying mugs with his cherished name on them. This is a man who crushed the spirit of this nation. He plunged us into a depression he never pulled us out of. He shredded the Constitution and our rights. He partied, golfed and schmoozed on our dime for eight long years. He had scandal after scandal and committed crime after crime and still people idolize this jerk.

And if you needed one more reason to swear off Saturday night live… here it is:

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